Susan Atkeisson, President, ERPA, CEBS, QPA

President of Heartland Consulting Group, Susan Atkeisson has over 30 years of industry experience with retirement plan administration. In 1999, she opened Heartland Consulting Group as a daughter company to Hunter Midwest Inc. She has grown the business from an organization serving about 75 clients to... Read Full Bio >>

Leann Saffell, Consultant, ERPA

Leann Saffell has 17 years of experience in retirement plan administration and over 30 years of experience in general customer service. As a consultant with Heartland, she focuses on providing excellent one-on-one consultation to small and medium-sized businesses. Her industry experience includes all... Read Full Bio >>

Teresa Glorioso, Consultant, ERPA

With over 25 years of industry experience, Teresa Glorioso enjoys working as a consultant with Heartland Consulting Group. She has a strong attention to detail and likes helping clients with retirement plan solutions that can save them time and money. Teresa’s education includes coursework in... Read Full Bio >>

Angela LaRocca, Consultant, ERPA

Angela LaRocca is an Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA) with 25 years of experience in retirement plan administration. A lifelong learner, she actively pursues continuing education in order to stay current with legislation and other developments and trends affecting plan management. As a... Read Full Bio >>

Hope White, Consultant

Hope White has over 25 years of industry experience. She combines her compassion for others and passion for her job into providing a first-class experience to every client she assists. She especially enjoys tailoring programs to meet the unique needs of her clients. Hope has a diverse background that... Read Full Bio >>

Susan Korkames, Consultant

Susan Korkames joined Heartland Consulting Group in January of 2015. She holds a degree in accounting and has nearly 20 years of experience in retirement planning. She especially enjoys working with small-plan administration, focusing on the needs and concerns of small businesses. In order to maintain a... Read Full Bio >>

Chris Oehrke, Consultant

When time and money matter, employers and small business owners can count on Chris Oehrke to help. He focuses on the bottom line and assists clients in eliminating many of the complexities of retirement plan administration. Chris has nearly 30 years of experience in retirement plan administration. He... Read Full Bio >>

Natalie McBreen, Project Specialist

Knowledgeable and flexible, Natalie McBreen enjoys the challenge of providing clients with the tools and options necessary in order to provide maximum retirement benefits for employees. She holds a bachelors in business administration with emphasis in accounting from Kansas State University, and she has... Read Full Bio >>

Jayme Ernst, Project Assistant

A 2016 addition to the Heartland team, Jayme Ernst brings with her a careful attention to detail as well as a love of variety. She holds a bachelors degree from Pittsburg State University and comes to our firm with six years of experience in retirement plan management. In order to remain current on... Read Full Bio >>

Mary Behrens, Office Administrator

Mary Behrens came to Heartland Consulting Group as an administrative assistant in 2015. She has more than 15 years’ experience in all aspects of office administration. In 2016 she was promoted to the position of Office Administrator where her organization and customer service skills are put to good... Read Full Bio >>

Lauren Atkeisson, Intern

Few people can truly say retirement plan administration is in their blood, but for Lauren Atkeisson, this is practically the truth. She is the daughter of Heartland Consulting Group’s president, Susan Atkeisson, and works as an intern, doing a variety of tasks such as invoicing, document input and... Read Full Bio >>